Sector We Serve

SSD PACK has been providing solutions for Food Packaging and Food Products. We are one of leading distribute packaging products for a variety of industries that include consumer packaged goods, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Horace and Construction.


With a focus on Hotels, SSD Pack offers a variety of disposable food packaging and serving products that are eco-friendly for all needs in the hotel industry for their daily needs. The products are best in their quality and cover a wide range of applications such as cooking, storing, and serving from hotels to every business in the hospitality industry which needs the essentials to create attractive and memorable dining or stay for their guests. We offer everything you need to stock the Kitchen and Buffet. With the added bonus of being disposable, these items are perfect to have on hand during the busy season, when hosting large events, or for quick turn-around between guests. Our promise is to provide an excellent selection of food serving & packaging products that will satisfy all the needs of hotels, food outlets, events and parties. 


 To reach out to the customers and end users, we have established a strong presence in retail outlets, supermarket chains and our corporate sales centers. Retail locations that are visually attractive and appealing are always been important for us to display our product range and to reach our customers and end users. 


Carry out services to prepared meals and cooking, we are a one stop shop for all packaging solutions that take out packaging for end users such as restaurants, coffee shops, catering and hospitality organizations and more. We have a wide variety of carry out and ready to use disposable food packaging products that come in various materials, sizes, colors, shapes etc.. We also carry a wide array of environment friendly and recyclable packaging products.